About Us


Advocates Amit Manor and Yuki Shemesh established “Amit Manor – Yuki Shemesh, Lawyers” in 2001.

The firm’s purpose and aspiration from its inception were, and still are, to deal exclusively with class action and derivative suits. And in fact, since the date of its founding, this is the main line of work of the firm. It is, in effect, a “boutique law firm”.

Since it was founded in the year 2001, the firm has been involved in the filing of numerous and significant class action and derivative suits conducted in Israel, with most of them having to do with the capital market and some of them dealing with consumers.

The firm is leading and has a reputation in the area of class action and derivative suits in Israel and has a significant and broad experience in this field, as well as being able to point to precedent setting achievements.

The firm collaborates with leading law offices in the USA, through filing class action and derivative suits in the USA, in collaboration with which class action and derivative suits have been filed in Israel as well.

The firm carries the banner of proper representation of the claimantsrepresented in that sense in all those class actions and derivative suits, while strictly preserving the best interest of the group thus represented, and works relentlessly to bring it about that those are adequately compensated for damages caused to them.

The firm works towards achieving the most of the group we represent. In several cases, our work yielded sizeable amounts of money for the claimant – the petitioner and members of the Group as a whole. Over the years, the firm has filed dozens of class action and derivative suits.

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