Court approved management of a class action against El Al, British Airways, Lufthansa and Suisse, regarding the Cargo Cartel

The Cargo Cartel: The court approved the management of a class action filed by our firm against the airlines - El Al, British Airways, Lufthansa and Suisse. The class action revolved around an international cartel for coordinating cargo airfares to and from Israel, which these companies were parties of, causing damages of NIS 613 million. Honorable Judge Dr. Ofer Grosskopf approved the management of the lawsuit, on the grounds of violation of the Economic Competition Law, 1988, in the name of the direct casualties - who sent cargo to Israel or from Israel (excluding the US), and the indirect casualties - the clients of the the direct casualties, who purchased from the direct casualties freight forwarding services to Israel or from Israel (excluding the US).


Amended Partial Settlement Agreement in case CA 62701-07-17 P.M.A. v. Panasonic et al.

See the attached file of the full text of the Amended Partial Settlement Agreement (with Respondent 10 only), which was submitted for the approval of the District Court of the Central District. 

E-mail addresses for inquiries regarding the settlement:


Shipping giant Zim returned NIS 45 million to its parent company, Israel Corporation, following the settlement of two shareholder lawsuits

Israel Corp., its directors, and its Zim integrated Shipping Services subsidiary reached a compromise settlement on the lawsuits launched against them and interested parties in november 2009 as derivative actions on behalf of Israel Corp. shareholders.


Suit and a petition to recognize it as a class action suit against Danya Cebus for failing to issue a timely profit warning

A Danya Cebus shareholder is suing the real estate developer for failing to issue a timely profit warning for anticipated losses stemming from the failed management of the Highway 431 project.